Futuristic Solutions Limited
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Business overview

The Company’s engaged in the Industry deals in debts/ claims/ arbitration. It’s main Business is to provide futuristic solutions of arbitration cases, recovery of disputed debts, purchase, sale, discounting and dealing in actionable claims, disputed debts, recoverable debts etc.

For the development and construction of the infrastructure in India, the Government enters into contract with the Construction companies for the construction of the various Infrastructure Projects like Construction of flyovers etc. On the completion of the contract several times there arises a dispute over payments due to technical configuration. The parties like Construction companies etc, who originally makes a claim on the Government like to settle their matter of claim because it is difficult and very time consuming for them to pursue same. The companies engaged in this business (such as Futuristic Solutions) having high level of technical and legal expertise propose to purchase these claims through a Deed of Assignment in its favour and pursue it with the Government through legal agencies for final recovery. Their professionals analyse the correct position of the dispute and compute the real value of the disputed claim.

The price at which the company would get these claims assigned in its favour could be as low as 5% to 10% and depending upon the case and may go upto 20% to 25%. The discount will be based on the future complications in dispute as well as the time required for pursuing the claim realization. On the basis of their expertise the company pursues the claim for their early recovery. The company and their Directors have acquired this expertise over the years. Success of these companies depends upon the expertise of their professionals.